Time to be Exceptional

It’s Your World

Have you ever wondered why when you visited someone else's house their decorating style was nothing like yours.  Have you ever paid someone to help you decorate your house?  Have you ever said Wow because what you saw was simply so beautiful, or UGh because what you saw was simply horrible.  Would you ever tell… Continue reading It’s Your World

Time to Clean

Don’t Wait to clean:

If you clean up a little bit each day. You will not regret it.  Think about it? Doesn't it take more time for you to clean up the entire house once per month rather than once per day.  I can guarantee you that if you pick up after yourself each day (say for instance: Wash… Continue reading Don’t Wait to clean:

Time to be Exceptional

We Wonder

We sometimes wonder in life why we may not do the things we say we are going to do.  For me, it seems like  the clock is ticking  and ticking, and the counter is counting non stop. Before long the day is over.  I've said.......I'm just too busy.  I will get to it as soon… Continue reading We Wonder