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It’s Your World

Have you ever wondered why when you visited someone else’s house their decorating style was nothing like yours.  Have you ever paid someone to help you decorate your house?  Have you ever said Wow because what you saw was simply so beautiful, or UGh because what you saw was simply horrible.  Would you ever tell someone their decorating style was not too good, or would you just imagine that maybe one day they would get it, and fit into your would.  Well I’m here to tell you that its your world, but its also their world as well. Get used to it and move on.  Do not try to push your decorating style on someone else.  Do not say oh no thats not right or you should do this or that to make that right.  When I see something I simply love I say oh how Nice and when I see something that I don’t like (because it’s not my style of decor) I simply say oh how N…I…C…E….

Its so easy to keep your opinion to yourself when you don’t like it, because i believe that some of my decorating styles are dis-liked by others as well.  But, it’s ok.  You know why? Because I am who matters and I can give a hoot about what they all say! I’m Happy Happy Happy.

The old saying (Somtimes its better to leave things unsaid) You’ll keep your friends and family around a lot longer.  We all have unique decorating styles.  It’s ours so we like it.  We decorate based on the colors and the style and the shapes and textures of the furniture and things we add to a room.  Who are we to say we don’t like another person’s taste. Remember you are what you do.  How you decorate represents you.  You are the one who has to live with it.  Decorate on.  If you get bored.  Change up on holidays, or for each Occassion. Halloweens fast approaching so I’m thinking Orange, Beige, a touch of red and some brown.  A few throws to accent that bold color you choose Maybe a new throw rug, aan entirely new table setting.  Do it!  You will feel absoutly wonderful.  What’s you style. I’d love to hear it. Share on

By the way. Take a picture of all your styles and keep it in a photo album.  Remember color changes it all. Be creative and sylish. You will LOVE it.

Try Better Homes and gardens: http://www.bHG.com/newcolor (My color finder) to get started

Good luck


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  1. Love the picture but I must honestly admit I hate the mirrors. To me they are remnants of the 70s and we had plenty of them on my mothers walls. Instead replace the mirrors with beautiful pieces of oil or acrylic or water color paintings. They come in many sizes so they’re easy to organize. You start by organizing them on the floor and just replicate it on your wall. Thanks for sharing…


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