Time to Clean

Don’t Wait to clean:

If you clean up a little bit each day. You will not regret it.  Think about it? Doesn’t it take more time for you to clean up the entire house once per month rather than once per day.  I can guarantee you that if you pick up after yourself each day (say for instance: Wash the dishes the minute you are finished eating, and Make the bed the minute you get up, and Put up the clothes the second you wash them).  I can promise you that if you do these things right away;when it is time to throughly clean up, it will not take a long time.

For me>  I have a routine.  I follow it like I follow my routine to go to Church or work.  Yes.  I have a lot of stuff too! And, yes sometimes I want to leave it where it is until later, but like I said in my last post later goes from yesterday, to today to tomorrow and so on.

Don’t wait to clean:

Get the squeege, Get the Spray bottle, Get the gloves and get to moving.  You will be that person.  That clean person, who leads to that organized person.

Do a Schedule for each room.  I know we are all busy and we just want to come home from a long day and watch TV, Eat, Help with homework, and get ready for the next day.  Just think about this.  Who wants to come hom to a mess every day.  Happiness is what happiness does.  A clean tidy house makes me happy.  What are you going to do this week to change your cleaning habits.  Look around, and tidy up just a little bit.  It goes a long way.  http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/cleaning/clean-up